About Us


What started off as a joke among friends, grew to be a page on Facebook that has over 146,000 likes & averages a 2 million view audience per week!  Mistakes on the Lake has become Cleveland's go to Facebook page for all things CLE.  Whether it be sports memes, general blogs, or hilarious commentary; Mistakes on the Lake will provide you with hours of mindless entertainment.  So we decided, why not turn our creations into something that fans can wear?  

There are plenty of options when it comes to clothing & apparel for Cleveland, however it is hard to find quality clothing that is all American made, shipped & 100% local.  Our shirts are so soft, they make Steph Curry look hard!  We also guarantee you will want every shirt to be a Mistakes on the Lake shirt! 

We pride ourselves on customer feedback & satisfaction, please let us know how we are doing!  info@MistakesontheLake.com